As truth emerges in Ferguson, Missouri we see hints of race influenced behavior. But the ultimate guilt lies with the majority of the citizens who live in Ferguson. This majority happens to be American Blacks who make up 67% of the population.

Refused to vote for Obama

Those citizens disgrace  Martin Luther King Jr. and the thousands of black and white Americans who marched and died for their right to vote. During the last Ferguson city elections black voter turnout was seven percent . That’s 7% out of a 67% black majority population.

Even with Barak Obama on the ballot in the 2012 Presidential election, more white Ferguson citizens turned out to vote than did black Ferguson citizens. Observers suggest that low black voter turnout is because Ferguson city elections are held in odd years as stand-alone elections.

Regardless of when they are held no one is stopping the black citizens of Ferguson from voting. People died in the 50’s and 60’s so they could exercise their right of self rule.

Mayor rightfully ignorant

Mayor James Knowles III is accused of sounding like a Civil Rights era racist Mayor when he says “Ferguson has no race problem”. I’m sure the Mayor knows that this is an exaggeration. But he can make a creditable case of ignorance if 67% of his citizens are not exercising their right to be heard.

Black Ferguson citizens taking responsibility by voting doesn’t mean that Mayor Knowles or other white Ferguson citizens would not be elected. Because the time is over for voting for people that look like you, the time now is to vote for people who think like you do. A white Mayor elected by a 70% turnout of the black population would make sure that the Police Chief had the right attitude, and with oversight of a City Council elected by that same electorate his or her behavior would change overnight.

The disease in this case is not racism as so many would be quick to suggest. The disease in this case is the black citizens of Ferguson refusing to take responsibility for their own fate. Well-meaning peaceful protesters are contributing to the problem by only focusing on police abuse. Instead of hours of venting about police abuse, some of the air time should have  been devoted to the need to vote or the need to get registered to vote.

Bottom line Black Citizens of Ferguson, you don’t need any new laws.  The only marching you need to be doing is marching to the polls. Stand up and take responsibility for deciding who governs you be they white, black, male or female.  When you participate in the process of citizenship that our Founding Fathers gave us and the Civil Rights Movement guaranteed us.  Your public officials will give you the respect and service that you as a citizen  deserve.