FBI Director James Comey (left) Former FBI Director J Edgar Hoover (right)

I took comfort when I read that FBI Director James Comey kept a copy of a letter signed by former Attorney General Robert Kennedy, the letter gave former FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover permission to wiretap Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King turned out to be the most spied on citizen in American history. Director Comey says he keeps the letter on his desk to remind him not to repeat the abuses of J Edgar Hoover. After hearing his testimony to the Senate about his decision to interfere in a Presidential election, I have to ask Director Comey WHERE IS THE LETTER?

Based on the testimony I assume his desk is so cluttered that the letter is buried beneath a pile of other letters, or someone has removed it from his desk.

Bill Clinton (left) Former Attorney General Loretta Lynch (right)

Director Comey sounded like a clone of J Edgar Hoover. It was very scary and depressing to hear an American FBI Director in 2017 attempt to justify being insubordinate to his boss, the Attorney General of the United States. Every time Hoover abused his position he said the same stuff we heard from Comey, “For the good of the Bureau”. Comey is apparently a legend in his own mind. He said that after his boss Atty. Gen. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton he lost confidence in her judgment. So he alone had to take matters into his hands for the good of the Bureau and the Justice Department.

 James Comey might think he’s equal to President

This is a sign that he is suffering from Hoover ego delusion syndrome. If in fact there was a legitimate issue with Atty. Gen. Lynch then the next move is to take it to President Obama. Not to make unilateral decisions about what your boss the nation’s chief law enforcement official should or should not be made aware of. Last time I checked James Comey you’ve been elected to nothing.

J Edgar Hoover (left) Robert Kennedy (right)

This is how Dr. King became the most spied on, Hoover decided that his boss Robert Kennedy’s judgment was wrong for the country. He unilaterally like Comey decided that Kennedy was compromised by King’s popularity, so therefore he had to take matters into his own hands without consulting his ultimate boss President John Kennedy. The result was the most  brutal case of government persecution of a citizen in American history.

Comey like Hoover has a high personal profile separate and apart from the Bureau. And like in Hoover’s case it appears to be at the core of the problem we are experiencing with Comey. Both these guys present the false premise that it’s about the institution when in fact it’s about them. Their reputations around town as the non-political great public servant above reproach.

 Comey shares history with J Edgar Hoover

This is why Comey joined Hoover in doing what no other Director in FBI history has done or would do. Back in July when Comey announced that “no reasonable prosecutor” would recommend charges be brought against Hillary Clinton, he riffed on for 20 minutes giving the great public servant above reproach Comey perspective on the case like Hoover was known to do.

All other Directors who served in between the two would have taken 5 minutes to announce a “nothing but the facts Mam” recommendation to bring no charges. Comey the former Deputy Atty. Gen. who stood up to President Bush had his great man reputation to uphold. He couldn’t let the country, Bureau or the Justice Department down by simply announcing no charges to be brought without speaking Comey wisdom.

After all like Hoover the moral condition of the government rest on James Comey shoulders, he alone had to rectify Atty. Gen. Lynch’s wrong behavior.

 Comey predecessor total opposite, no high profile

It was this type of arrogance and ego trip that after Hoover Congress said no more. All Directors after Hoover were limited to a onetime 10 year appointment. One exception was Robert Mueller who President Obama asked serve an additional 2 years.

Mueller was so focused on the job and not his profile that had he still been Director last July, he would not have even called a press conference. He would have issued a one paragraph written

FBI Director Robert Mueller speaks during a news conference at the FBI headquarters (Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images)

statement that no charges would be brought. That’s why the Senate with no debate overwhelmingly voted to let him serve beyond the 10 year term. No fear of a creating a Hoover monster here.

James Comey had served our country well until now when he decided unilaterally to interfere in our Presidential election. His testimony makes clear he knew what he was doing, but he decided that the credibility of great man Comey was more important than the sanctity of the election of the most important person in America. Oh sorry! I meant to say  election of the second most important person in America, after all no one is more important than the great James Comey savior of America.

Director Comey you have served well up until July 2016 somewhere along the line it became about you and not the job. Now you need to step aside, you no longer have the creditability to deliver a no questions ask conclusion to one of the most important investigations of our lifetime. If you find Trump campaign collusion with Russia they will claim you are trying to make up for what you did to Hillary. If you don’t find collusion others will say you are still secretly working for Trump.

If what you claim is true, that everything you have done was for the Bureau and the Justice Dept. for their sake please leave now.