Donald Trump is falling into the same trap that one of our greatest President’s in history, Franklin Delano Roosevelt fell into. Trump like Roosevelt is falling into the trap in the first 100 days of his new administration. Trump like Roosevelt knows that he is doing a great thing for the country. Trump like Roosevelt is dead wrong. Like Roosevelt he’s playing with fire that could have a devastating effect, destroying American democracy as we know it.

In February of 1937 President Roosevelt was basking in the glow of his 1936 historic landslide reelection. In his first term he established the now famous “first 100 days” tradition of passing legislation and executing executive orders. His only problem was like our current President he had a court system that questioned and overturned parts of his New Deal laws.

Riding the momentum from the huge reelection vote, President Roosevelt fell into the ego trap that Donald Trump told us about the night he accepted the Republican nomination. The ego trap of “I alone can fix it”. President Roosevelt knew he was right and his co-equal branch of governance the Supreme Court was wrong.

He would get his way by arbitrarily changing the law. Since there were not enough Supreme Court Justice’s that agreed with President Roosevelt he would just add more that he knew would agree with him. So in 1937 he announced a plan to expand the court from 9 to 15, this became known as court packing.

Fortunately for American democracy, the United States Senate’s  super-majority of Roosevelt’s own Democratic Party voted down his attempt at court packing by a whopping 70 to 22 vote.


President Trump with his threat to break up the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals is in the same ego trap. For any President to attempt court packing to render judgments’ that agree with their political agendas is an assault on our FREEDOM. No matter how much good they think it will do for the country.

It’s detrimental to one of the main pillars of our constitution, the separation of powers political doctrine. A doctrine that states each of the three branches would have defined abilities to check the powers of the other branches. To prevent the very thing that both Roosevelt and Trump have contemplated doing.

Whether or not President Trump’s Muslim ban is right or wrong is irrelevant in this discussion, just like whether or not Roosevelt’s New Deal programs where legal or not were irrelevant.

What is relevant in both cases President Trump is you and Franklin Roosevelt were elected President not crowned King of America. You don’t get to tweet royal pronouncements that happen or become law through royal decree. Unlike King Henry VIII who created a new religion simply to get a divorce, President Trump you can’t create a new legal system simply because you don’t want Muslims to come to America.

This is America a nation of laws with a constitution, a nation that will not bend to any one man or woman’s will. If you don’t want Muslims in America get your Republican controlled House and Senate to pass legislation that you can sign into law saying so.

Please rise up out of the ego trap and keep your hands off the American Courts!