The media is locked 24/7 on to the most shocking story of 2017. An Independent Counsel has been appointed to figure out who the criminals are in the most shocking story of 2017. President Trump says the most shocking story of 2017 is a nothing burger, so he’s thinking about firing the Independent Counsel like he fired the FBI Director. All of this like President Trump’s fire suggestion was meant to do, provides distraction and cover for a secret plan developed in the dark behind hidden locked doors which could reap catastrophe on all Americans.

In May Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell appointed 13 Senators to meet in secret to develop the Senate Republican healthcare bill. Apparently they succeeded so last week Senator McConnell invoked Senate Rule 14, this allows the Republican bill to bypass committee consideration and be brought directly to the floor for a vote. That means no hearings and no debate on the bill to repeal and replace Obamacare.

Chuck Schumer can’t rely on unpopularity of bill

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer has made a few public statements against the bill, attended a couple of healthcare protests and on the Rachel Maddow show issued a “red alert” for people to call in and pressure Senators not to pass it.

COME ON CHUCK! Its crunch time man you have to step up your game and bring the heat. If the Senate passes a repeal Obamacare bill no matter how different it is from the House version, healthcare as we know it is dead and gone. Republicans will come up with a compromised Senate/House version which Donald Trump will sign into law in a heartbeat.

As the Senate Democratic Leader it’s on you to lead the charge. You have been raising holy hell about Russian hacking and possible Trump Russia collusion in the Presidential campaign. I salute your efforts but that same energy and commitment is now needed to block the Senate repeal effort.

Vigorous and creative leadership needed

Instead of going on Rachel Maddow and asking people to call their Senators, you should be organizing call-in efforts to the 3 most vulnerable Senators on Trump care. Organizing demonstrations in a state like Arizona where Republican Jeff Flake is up for reelection. You could take a cue for Congressman John Lewis who organized a sit-in on the floor of the House chamber to bring attention to gun control.

Congressman John Lewis leads sit-in on House floor

Leading a sit-in on the floor of the Senate would cut through the current media cycle obsession with Trump Russia collusion. Anything to focus the public’s attention and pressure is helpful at this point. Democrats need to only sway 3 Republican Senators to vote no on the secret bill.

There are Senators like Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski and West Virginia’s Shelley Moore Capito who have large numbers of constituents that heavily depend on Obamacare. As mentioned Jeff Flake is up for reelection, he represents a state where the benefits of Obamacare are appreciated. These 3 alone with enough individual pressure applied to each one, could deny the Senate repeal effort and force Republicans to negotiate with Democrats to repair Obamacare.

Chuck Schumer we’re in the 4th quarter and this is your 2 minute warning, take a big sip of Gatorade and step it up. If Trump care is not stopped in the Senate Obamacare is gone and literally hundreds of thousands maybe millions of people will die with it.