There is one positive thing that could come out of the racial incident occurring this week at the University of Oklahoma. It is that all Americans specifically American Blacks face the reality that it’s time to banish use of the N word. We should leave it on the ash heap of history to borrow a phrase from former President Ronald Reagan.

President of University of Oklahoma David Boren

The viral video of Sigma Alpha Epsilon house mother Beauton Gilbow singing along with a rap song repeatedly using the N word is an example of the confusion and contradictions. On one hand she’s shocked and hurt to see the video of her fraternity men singing a racist and hateful song. On the other hand we have her singing a song using a racist word, or was she ?

Is singing N word racist

Fraternity House Mother Beauton Gilbow

After all she was singing along to a song recorded by a person of color who is using the N word themselves within the song. Does this mean she was singing racial epithets with hate and racism in her heart? Or was she just singing along and repeating the words as we all do to any song that sounds good to us.

The double standard of N word use accepted by all Americans has grown obsolete. It is harmful to future race relations in America.  Those who try to claim its use is only offensive depending on who is using it, who is saying it to who or whether or not it ends with an a or an r are wrong. This is as stupid as those who claim use of the Confederate Flag is justified because it represents southern heritage and not just slavery.

Wall between American Whites and American Blacks

The false notion that it is ok for American Blacks to use the N word but it is unacceptable for American Whites to use it is unfair. It is just another way of putting a wall between American Blacks and American Whites. It implies that American Blacks have a right that is denied to American Whites. It’s also contradictory because any American White who uses it is subject to loss of income, employment and loss of public respect and acceptance. In this case we  have seen loss of college enrollment.

Paula Deen’s N word use cost her millions of dollars

An immoral double standard exist when American White Paul Deen loses millions for using the N word, but American Black Jay-Z makes millions using the word. We don’t know what is in the heart and mind of Frat Mom Gilbow but she could creditably claim that the viral video was her singing a song of words that she did not write.

Jay Z’s N word use has made him millions

American Blacks will to survive in American society caused a mental and emotional flip of the script. A word used to denigrate was transformed to one of pride and respect among fellow American Blacks. This was well executed and achieved the desired goal.

N word use by American Whites will never be acceptable

With the racial progress that has occurred in our country, its use even with its revised meaning, is no longer required among American Blacks.  Because of the divisive racial history of America, use of it by American Whites will never be accepted.

Our Federal Court System is leading the way to this new reality of N word use. A New York federal jury ruled in a case filed by Brandi Johnson (an American black female) against her employer Strive, a non-profit employment center and its founder Rob Carmona (a self-identified black Hispanic), that Mr. Carmona was guilty of creating a hostile and abusive workplace by repeatedly calling Ms. Johnson the N word. This ruling establishes a precedent and shatters the insane logic that if  a black person is using the N word it’s not insulting hate speech.

We must balance the scales of citizenship and humanity by retiring N word use and consign it to the ash heap of shameful history.