The Republican Party is top dog, controlling all levers of political power in Washington D.C., the Senate, the House and the White House. But surprisingly 9 Republicans, 2 Senators, and 7 Congresspersons have declared they will not seek re-election . Republican celebrities George Will, Joe Scarborough and Nicole Wallace have all left the Republican Party. Former Republican President George W. Bush broke a long-standing practice of not publically commenting on any current President’s administration (Republican or Democrat), by giving a speech that didn’t mention President Trump by name but strongly criticized his leadership.

And to everyone’s surprise the Republican Party of free trade, global leadership, and continuity of agreements, nominated and American whites elected a President favoring protectionism on trade, building a wall to prevent immigration and withdrawing from international agreements made by previous Presidents. Is this still the Republican Party or is it now the TRUMPLICAN Party?

The traditional pillars of the Republican Party, smaller government, free trade, foreign interventionism combined with democracy promotion, and social conservatism built around traditional Christian morality, are being overshadowed by the politics of its new leader President Donald Trump.

Under President Trump’s leadership the Republican Party new pillars are:

White Grievance- making the concerns and politics of white Americans the focal point of the Republican Party by embracing white nationals and pro-Nazis, also restricting immigration of non-whites to America

Protectionism- trade restriction to save American jobs and to protect American companies from competing with foreigners, withdrawing from agreements made by previous Presidents with no regard for the future impact on the sanctity of American commitments

Tax Reform With No Entitlement Cuts- traditionally tax reform was Republican code for cutting tax rates to reduce the flow of money to U.S. government to fund entitlement programs, under President Trump the taxes are reduced with no cuts to entitlement spending thereby exploding the federal deficit, something pre-Trump Republicans would vigorously oppose

Many party members are very concerned about seeing their traditional Republican Party becoming the Trumplican party, but until they realize that It Was The Economy Stupid, Now It’s the Demographics Dummy!, there is no way to stop the transition. It’s now a Party of 95% racist and non-racist white Americans united in fear and legitimate concern about demographics, not the economy. For the foreseeable future, the Republican Party is the Trumplican Party!